beautiful {beynac}


~this road was in the opening scene of Chocolat~







~the kitchen~

I fell in love with Beynac. The stone buildings, the winding roads, the rolling hills, the lazy river. I enjoyed wandering the narrow passages gazing through old windows and into courtyards where I can imagine enjoying my morning coffee in the sunshine. The village is beautiful and I love that so much of it is probably much like it was a few hundred years ago. The castle was authentic and the warm well-worn stone walls held the most gorgeous light. The views over the surrounding countryside were breathtaking.

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18 Responses to beautiful {beynac}

  1. liz says:

    Quite simply . . . LOVE it ALL!!!!! :)

  2. Lori says:

    What a gorgeous spot Kim ~ I can see why you fell in love… xo

  3. robin says:

    this is an unimaginable experience, seeing this, being there. i am very happy for you, what an experience!! i would love to see this place.
    xox love

  4. Simone says:

    So beautiful you could just cry couldn’t you? Your photos are absolutely gorgeous Kim X

  5. Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm says:

    Indeed BEAUTIFUL ~~~ beyond words!
    Your pictures capture its fairytale feel and dreamy appeal so well!
    I would love to visit one day ~ thanks for sharing and welcome home!

  6. Melani says:

    It’s so beautiful, I’m glad you all had such a wonderful time.

  7. Cathi says:

    What a gorgeous place! Beautiful photos! xxoo

  8. roseandruby says:

    wow these are stunning images, such a pretty place xox

  9. paige thomas king says:

    a spectacular location. thanks for sharing. gotta go find my dvd.

  10. Celeste says:

    This is so, so lovely. I wish I was able to visit Beynac when I was in Dordogne this summer!

  11. You couldnt ask for better subjects to take pics of….perfect

  12. C.C. says:

    Stunning photography ~ I love it!

  13. Kelleyn says:

    So lucky! What an amazing adventure.

  14. Cheryl S. says:

    Oh my gosh,Beynac is lovely! Thanks for the great photos.

  15. Teresa says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  16. amy says:

    love that stone against the gray-blue paint. it’s all breathtaking. thanks for sharing!

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