{Auction for Africa}



Update- as it wasn’t totally clear to those of you seeing this post and not having followed along since the beginning, please see THIS POST which will give you a better understanding of what we are using the money for.  My apologies for not having been clearer!  x

Hello friends~


I am so excited to share these items with you!  They have all been donated by my wonderful generous friends who know how much raising money for these children means to me.  I am praying that we raise LOTS of money so that we can really stock the house with food and supplies for after we are gone.  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD – the more traffic we can generate the higher the possibility of success!


The auction will go live today and will run for three days, concluding at 6 pm PST on Wednesday June 19th.  It will be hosted on my website: kimberlytaylorimages.com  EACH ITEM WILL HAVE AN INDIVIDUAL POST, with bids being placed in the comment section.  On Wednesday at 6 pm I will record the last bid and that person will be the winner of that item.  If for some reason the winner isn’t able to purchase the item, the bidder with the next highest bid will have the opportunity to purchase the item.  All funds will be deposited into my paypal account, and then when the funds have cleared, the item will be shipped.  The winner will have two days in which to deposit the money before the second place bidder will have the chance to purchase the item.


Again, please spread the word- use social media, your blogs, your email!  I know that we can do this and I pray that you will be as excited as I am to make this happen.


Have a wonderful week!


Update #2 – a friend suggested that I offer an option for those who want to donate but don’t want to purchase anything.  If you do wish to donate, please email me at kimberlytaylorimages@gmail.com and I will let you know how to go about doing that~  Thanks Janet! 

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  1. i will also be linking to you here from my little blog :)
    i wish you success with your auction!
    i love what you’re doing here kimberly!! xoxo

  2. Kim, let me know now I can make a donation once the auction is done. Looks like I’ve been outbid (which is great) so I want to send a little contribution to the effort.

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