Apricot {confiture}


Yesterday was spent collecting fruit and researching jam.  Late in the afternoon I tried a recipe that I had seen recently on one of my favorite websites – The Cook’s Atelier.  Aren’t the apricots a gorgeous color?


This morning I will be working on raspberry jam- wish me luck.  I haven’t ever made jam without store-bought pectin until last night so it feels far more risky and adventurous~



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  1. oh kim, so wonderful. those apricots look amazing and apricot jam is our house favorite.
    todays in a row is the way to take the fear out of it and make it a regular staple.

  2. Yum! Fresh jam, jelly, confiture, whatever is the best! Beats the store bought stuff any day. I tried to make strawberry rhubarb without pectin and no dice. Last week we made strawberry and strawberry/basil with pectin and it worked great. Can’t wait to hear how yours turns out.

  3. Good morning! This beautiful post brought with it a smile. Such lovely photos and admire your adventuresome spirit :) I think the rewards will be many and oh, so sweet. Enjoy!

  4. Home made jams are always sooo yummy. I hardly make jams but whenever I do, I never use pectins. And Apricots .. love those, specially how easily the seeds some off!

  5. The apricots look delicious! I love making jam and rarely use pectin. I tried making jelly for the first time yesterday (red and black currant), using pectin and it has not set as thickly as I would like. I guess I have the opposite problem. Keep trying…it will still taste better than store bought, even if it isn’t as thick as you would like!

  6. Now I’m always looking for a good jam recipe, and right now, I’m trying to find out that uses very little sugar. I’ve done that in the past and while the jam doesn’t last that long, that never seems to be much of a problem because it gets eaten so quickly. But apricots…I need to try some of those.

    • dear lord- the sugar nearly killed me so please let me know if you find a good recipe that doesn’t require as much and doesn’t use store-bought pectin!

  7. I’ve been making apricot jam for nearly 20 years, have never used pectin and use a relatively small amount of sugar. As a matter of fact, I just made a few batches last night! I’ve taught many friends how to make my jam.

    Here’s my “recipe”:

    4-5 pounds apricots, washed, pitted and cut into 1/6ths (play around with the amount of fruit, depends on desired sweetness)
    1 pound sugar
    1/4 cup lemon juice (more or less)

    Mix apricots and sugar, let macerate until sugar has dissolved (I let them sit overnight in the fridge). Put mixture in wide stock pot (I use a Le Creuset) and cook over high heat, stirring and skimmimg foam as needed. After foam has subsided, mash fruit slightly and continue cooking until thick (I do this by sight, so I don’t have a specific amount of time). When to desired thickness, stir in lemon juice.

    Ladle into clean, hot jars. Process in waterbath for 5 minutes (or longer depending on sea level).

    Good luck!

    • Hi Julie!

      I am going to try this tomorrow- my issue is that it doesn’t “jel” the way I thought it was supposed to. Does it have to?

      Thanks for the recipe- I will keep you posted!


  8. It’s not as firm as store bought jam, but you can certainly spread it on toast.

    One thing I didn’t mention, is that I know it’s thick enough when the bubbling slows down; the blurps become more pronounced and almost seem in slow motion. I know it may sound odd, but that’s truly my signal.

    By the way, my husband, Jason Willig, worked for Chris many years ago. We’re now in San Francisco.


    • Darling Julie- that is what my “hi Julie” was for! I know you are quite the food girl so I was thrilled to hear from you~
      Thanks for the visual- things like that really help me as I know that is what experience brings when doing things like this.

    • Really well- thanks for the bubbling tip! So- when I turn the jar over, it slowly moves to the bottom but doesn’t stay solid at the top. Does that make sense? I think I am happy with it though because I don’t need it to be like store jam- just spreadable. And it is delicious!

  9. Mmm, I’d say your
    risk as produced some
    lovely rewards! Saw
    your jewel-like jars of
    raspberry jam on
    Instagram, as well.
    Makes me want to tie
    my apron on and get
    to work! We usually
    make seedless black-
    berry jam when we visit
    my folks in August,
    as they are everywhere : )

    Happy Tuesday,
    xo Suzanne

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