I am a food and lifestyle photographer living on a small farm just outside of Seattle.  I have an amazing husband, four boys, and a wide range of animals.  I am completely smitten with France.  I adore exploring Paris but also love spending time in the countryside going from village to village, and admire the rich culture found in both.  I visit as often as possible and each time I return home I try to bring a piece of France back with me.  I love how the French appreciate the process — from shopping at local farmer’s markets and establishing relationships with the people who sell you your food to putting on music and having a glass of wine while preparing a meal.  I want to bring a French way of life to our home and try to do so a little bit each day. I aspire to a simpler life day-to-day and try to find gratitude and appreciation for all that we have.


I love…

laundry hung to dry outside in the summer sunshine, the sound of birds first thing in the morning or wind chimes on a blustery day, using vegetables from our gardens to prepare meals, eating cotton candy at the state fair, old black and white photos of people in swim suits, a good cup of chai, seeing my grandma and youngest on her swing deep in conversation, gathering on the farm sharing a meal with those we love, taking a ferry anywhere, the sound of laughter — especially that of my children, a good book on the hammock on a summer afternoon, s’mores by the bonfire, a cozy pair of pajamas, road trips with good music, and my husband, who makes me laugh every single day

I think my philosophy can be captured in the following sentiment~

lover of laughter, dreamer of France, spreader of sunshine

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