a {year} in photos & a winner

new year-3


new year-9


new year-5


new year-6


new year-8


new year-19



new year-18



new year-11


new year-15



new year-13



new year-16



new year-14



new year-17



new year-20



new year-21



new year-22



new year-23


new year-26



new year-29



new year-33



new year-32



new year-30



new year-28



new year-35



new year-40



new year-34



new year-38



new year-41



new year-36



new year-42



new year-45



new year-43



new year-46


new year-48



new year-50



new year-51



new year-49



new year-52



new year-54



new year-53



new year-56



new year-58



new year-57



new year-63



new year-59



new year-60



new year-61



new year-65



new year-64



new year-66



new year-68



new year-67



new year-69



new year-70



new year-71



new year-73



new year-74



new year-75



new year-76



new year-77



new year-80



new year-79



new year-82



new year-81



new year-83



new year-86



new year-85



new year-87



new year-88



new year-89



new year-90



new year-91



new year-92



new year-94



new year-95



new year-96



new year-99



new year-100



new year-101



new year-102



new year-103



new year-104



new year-105



new year-123





new year-106



new year-107



new year-108



new year-109



new year-110



new year-111




new year-112



new year-113



new year-114



new year-115



new year-116



new year-117



new year-118



new year-119



new year-121



new year



new year-2




And- the winner of the one word bracelet give-away is MARY JANE!  Mary Jane, please email me your mailing address at kimberlytaylorimages@gmail.com  and I will have it made up for you!

Happy 2013 friends,


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12 Responses to a {year} in photos & a winner

  1. Beautiful, so lovely to look back at a year and smile at how very blessed we all are…Thank you for your friendship in 2012…Bring on 2013 which we are already 9 hours into here in Aus :)

  2. such wonderful pictures!!! :love the egg picture and the picture of the boys playing the piano!! We are so blessed:)
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Have a Very happy New Year! Your picture are a great representation of your year!

    Thanks for your inspiration…I just ordered myself a bracelet from Izzy, and I know it will serve as a constant reminder of my goals!

  4. I adore this ~ the pictures are fabulous and I smiled so many times going through them ~ thinking back to when it was and so on…. for your 2013 recap there shall be one of you and me ~ Boston bound ~ I promise. xo

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