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Hello friends and happy Saturday~


As some of you know, I love poppies.  I tend to snap photos of different varieties of them when I am out and about.  I have grown them in our gardens for a number of years now, and am not even sure where my first seeds came from.  Over time they have begun to cross and combine and I  now have a nice little collection of pink/lavender/fuscia singles and doubles that I harvest every year.



When I was in France visiting a dear friend this month we came across one perfect little poppy growing along her pasture fence- a new addition for them.  It was similar to mine, and yet a different color all together.  I was excited and asked if she would exchange seeds when she had enough to share.  I would love to send her some of mine and add her little Normandy poppy to my collection!


{I added these little gems this summer}

This morning while making coffee and emptying my dry poppy pods it occurred to me.  I have occasionally sent out seeds to friends who have been kind enough to share photos of them growing in their gardens (my friend Alexis had hers grow to nearly 7 feet in San Diego!!).  But how great would it be to do a poppy seed exchange?  I would be happy to send a little package of my seeds in exchange for any poppy seeds you have harvested.  You can see the variety I have in my gardens here, and if you grow them and harvest your seeds it would be wonderful to exchange a few.  What do you think?



Have a wonderful weekend and for those of us who haven’t yet started school, enjoy these last few days~




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4 Responses to A {Poppy} exchange

  1. I planted the seeds you sent me and they were wonderful! I had hoped to photograph them but alas it did not occur. Lets just say I had a rather penitent 14 year old… and no “weeds” left. He accidentally mowed the entire bed of wildflowers. There was no crying, wailing, or gnashing of teeth… just a calm me quietly explaining what plants were NOT to be mowed over or pulled.

    So yes I would most definitely be interested in this. :-) I do have seeds that another friend gave me recently that I would be willing to share as well! I LOVE poppies!

  2. hello my friend…i loved following you along on your trip to uganda. what a difference you have made in these children’s lives. how i love you for that! are you planning another trip?
    love the idea of sharing poppy seeds! however…living in a flat in the city might be a bit challenging. :)
    enjoy the rest of your summer..

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