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Hello friends and happy nearly New Year~


Some of you may know how excited I get about my annual “one word“- the word I choose that will serve as my mantra and my guiding force throughout the coming year.  I take my word to heart and much consideration has gone into deciding on that one word.  It must feel “right”.  It must emphasize what it is I hope to accomplish in the next twelve months and hopefully push me along the road a little further.


This year my word is BELIEVE


I also came to a realization today.  Two things really.  One isn’t very flattering, but I am going to share it with you anyway.  Let’s begin with that one first…  So, the truth is I tend to fixate on things.  It is almost as if I need something to focus on in order to be happy.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am generally a happy person, (one of my current mantras is “choose happy” as I know the power of joy) and I feel great gratitude for the beautiful life I have been given.  But, aside from that and back to what is most likely a missing synapse in my brain- I fixate.  I tend to need something new and exciting to wrap myself in.  It can be a new hobby or project.  It can be a trip or a party.  Any number of things fit the bill.  Oftentimes it is about change.  Now this could have something to do with the fact that we moved so much in my childhood and that acclimated me to adjusting to change frequently.  Thus, living in the same place for ten years, with the same basic life- well, maybe there is a part that is so ingrained in me that needs change that it has become a part of my psyche.  Anyway, I need something to focus on, to get excited about, to dream about, plan for, anticipate.  And right now I’m not finding it.  Oh, I *may* have some ideas, but I really would prefer something that doesn’t elicit the “I’m calling the divorce lawyer” response…  ;)  So, I am working on that.  Which leads me to my next epiphany…


I don’t do dull.  I don’t do humdrum or laid back or low-key or boring.  I admit that my craving for excitement and adventure has gotten me into a pickle or two, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I like a challenge and to do the unanticipated.  I like mixing it up and going against the grain.  My husband would say I over-burden myself or spread myself too thin in some areas, but I simply do what feels right at the time.  I am trying to curb that a bit (you know- the divorce lawyer threat…) but it is a precarious balance between staying out of trouble and keeping it lively and interesting.  Please tell me that some of you understand what I am saying here…  Anyway, I think that *believe* will serve as a reminder that I can do anything if I simply believe it.  It may not be easy, but if I believe, it will be.


So, back to the one word project and the give-away.  I have recently ordered a bracelet that will have a word inscribed in it and as I really loved the simple slightly bohemian design, I asked Izzy if she would be willing to donate one of those same bracelets to one of my readers for them to have their word inscribed on – and she said YES!  She is very kind and I am so excited to share one of these fabulous inspirational bracelets with one of you.  However, I’m going to keep the run of this give-away short as I want to get the bracelet out to the winner as early in the new year as possible.  Thus, I will do the drawing on Monday- New Years Eve!  Please spread the word, as I would love to get as many people on board with the one word idea as possible.  If you would like a chance to win, please leave a comment with what your word is – tweet or facebook for a second chance but make sure to come back and leave another comment.  I can’t wait to hear what your words are!

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59 Responses to a {one word} give-away

  1. My friend, Meg, as part of a master’s program retreat, painted rocks with words of inspiration to hand out as gifts to her fellow students last summer. She painted one for me with the word “grace” on it in wonderful autumnal colors that I so love. As I left her home that day, she handed me 2 others, saying they were leftovers. They were “sustain” and “play”. After taking care of my terminally ill kitties for over a year now, I realized that “sustain grace” is just what I need to continue to do. I even keep the rocks next to Sophie’s pill bottles to remind me. So “sustain grace” will still carry me through 2013. Hopefully “play” will be something to look forward to in 2014……

  2. My word jumped out at me…..firsts. Last year was exciting and I kept a list of firsts….tour de france, helping with a cooking adventure with a New Zealand chef, the Olympics. The more I thought about my word to be, firsts stepped forward. How many new firsts can I add to my already growing list? Maybe our first grandchild on January 1st! Love the bracelet—-a good reminder to continue having “firsts”.

  3. My word will be, “illuminate.” I want to add brightness to those around me, have my path become a little more lucid, & to light up my own life by celebrating my one go-around to the fullest.


  4. I understand the ‘must be excited’ and “don’t do dull’ thing, the desire to be on the move. Now, imagine another scenario (instead of the divorce lawyer), your husband out of the blue, collapsed and has a heart attack, you are sitting at a hospital bed and right in front of your eyes you are bound to loose the life you have, with him in it. Imagine your life how it would be like if you lost him. — It might add another dimension to your life and a new word, gratitude.

    Sometimes, we learn to appreciate something/someone that we took for granted once we are bound to loose it. A job, our health, a family member, a friend, a pet.

  5. Oh I’ve thought about this long and hard since your original post. I want this to be a year of fulfillment, accomplishment, attaining my goals and dreams. Organizing, writing, gardening….you name it, it’s on the list.

    So after much thought….


    is my word!

    Thanks for making me think of what 2013 will mean to me…..and for allowing me to “name” or give a theme to my goals.

    The bracelet is gorgeous…..a constant reminder to stay on track as the year progresses.

    Peace and Happy New Year.
    Prince Snow Farm

  6. ACTION will be my word for 2013. Action reflects my idea of completing goals with my business this year. The word Action will reflect how I plan to deal in a positive manner, with every good thing or mistake. any of my employees may produce..mistakes can promote a positive re “action” and a quick learning tool. I also need to take Action when my employees are doing well, highlight it and spread the word… I have 26 employees under the age 26, after seven years I have a tendancy of being a bit complacent….I need to motivate myself into Action again…this bracelet would be an awesome reminder! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I have been mulling over the word of the year for about a week now and I have not had anything jump out at me ~ being indecisive is not usually me ~ maybe that is why I did not pick one last year!

  8. JOY is my word. I want to work on finding the joy in each moment and let go of worrying about what is down the road.

    PS I admire your mother. At 68 not sure I am that brave.


  9. Kim, I could have written that. This is why we are kindred. I have been thinking a lot lately of similar things…and, in fact, wondered if the fact that we moved around a lot growing up has a lot to do with my restlessness and feeling sort of not always feeling greatly fulfilled in this one beautiful place. There are a lot of things that play into it though…I mean you have been experiencing a lot of life changes…that will always bring about uncertainty. Just let the feelings in and listen to them all …one at a time. Happy New Year wishes. Imen xx

  10. I’ve always been very timid with trying new things for fear of failure. But with me, traveling is in my blood, and as soon as we finish our yearly family trip I’m dreaming about the next one. And to compensate for the agonizing 12 month wait for the next trip I pile on the commitments, usually volunteering for worthy causes. My husband says I need to learn to say no.

    As I said, I’m very timid in trying new things so if I had to choose a word it would be BRAVE.

  11. Kimberly I love your thoughts here.
    I used to be a great multi tasker…not so much anymore! The more I try to accomplish the less I get done. It’s frustrating and I find myself overwhelmed. I need to center myself…..pinpoint the heart of what is most important in my life. There is nothing more burdening then being muddled in the madness of everyday life…my word is FOCUS!

  12. My word for 2013 hasn’t found me yet, but I would love to win a bracelet! My word has been ‘balance’ for the last 2 years and I still haven’t found it. This will be a good motivator for me to put more thought into what my new word should be… thank you!

  13. “Glorify” is the word that immediately came into my head. Glorify “Him”. I know that any other word I chose to live by, faith, believe, love, fearless, are all things I know I should do and if I do them the will “glorify”. Hopefully my year will be to glorify Him whether i win the bracelet or not. THanks for the opportunity!
    Happy New Year!

  14. My word would be chouchouter. It’s French for whisper and it sounds like one! I think it’s one of the worlds most beautiful words. Awesome giveaway!

  15. My word, being an only parent of three who leads an exceptionally busy life, is “embrace”….Embrace the change, the opinion, the time, and the inspiration from this crazy world and embrace all the ups and downs in life that are mine!

  16. wander ~

    yes. that’s my word. to be open and wander with or without purpose through every day. soaking up whatever comes across my path.

    bisous wild, wonderful believer friend.

  17. Why have we never had this conversation over tea? I moved every 2-4 years. It definitely has manifested itself into my adult life with wanderlust. Last year, along with my objectives, my tag phrases were – Stay Focused ~ Work Hard ~ Make it Happen. Tomorrow I head to my retreat where all wifi and electronics don’t work. Lots of writing, thinking and looking objectively at the last year will commence. 2013 here we come!

  18. My word for the New Year is TREASURE …. treasure, life, health, family, friends everything that is around you.:)

  19. My word is CREATE. I feel like the last few years I’ve been too busy to do creative projects which I live to do. I will no longer use that as an excuse in 2013. Being creative helps me feel like myself and be a better, mom, wife, manager, etc. I love reading everyone else’s words and their meanings.

  20. My word for 2013 is reset. I have a few areas in my life that I would like to reset and improve. Things like eatting habits and too much computer time. I love the idea of wearing a bracelet with my word on it. That would serve as a constant reminder and inspiration to focus on my goals.

  21. You seem to have a way of writing EXACTLY how I feel. Except I lack the articulation. The perfect balance of feeling alive without being on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Yes. Count me in too!

    My word would be . . . . BALANCE

    Since this is the first time I’ve commented on your blog, I just want to say that I enjoy reading your candid views on life. Sometimes you say just what I needed/wanted to hear.

    Also, I want to say how lovely your mother is. You must be so proud of her. What a gentle force. That’s all. Thank you!

  22. I’ve chosen my word: serenity. Recently I started to meditate – and I find this one word makes me feel instantly calm. Being a former multitasker, I’ve had to slow down to be more effective in everything I do. My new mantra really helps me.

  23. I am going to keep it simple this year, not burden myself with expectations and resolutions that will undoubtedly become a source of disappointment if they are not reached, and choose the word “Breathe”. I feel like I have been “holding my breath” long enough, because of the financial stresses on our family, because of worrying about our growing children ready to fly the coop, because of family heartbreaks, because of self-imposed isolation, maybe even because I find myself, as I approach menopause, with a shorter fuse, ready to burst at the smallest things… I simply want to breathe. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway, I miss you my friend!

  24. I totally get what you are saying here. It can wear you out for sure, trying to fill that cup.
    My word for 2013 is JOY. I hung it up for Christmas this year.
    I Choose JOY!!!
    2012 was Greatful.
    When you are Greatful fear disappears and Abundance appears.
    Happy New Year!!!

  25. Very simply my word is “obedient”; now to some this word may seem harsh or even scary. But to me at this point in my life it is time to be obedient to my faith, to my health, and to things of most importance. Granted it isn’t dreamy or even a really inspirational word; but means a great deal. If you hear a calling stay obedient to it! :) xoxo

  26. You couldn’t be dull if I painted you silver and never polished you for centuries!! I know looooots of wonderful things you can believe in too. Like a forthcoming trip to France. And I have decided I shall be over to see you in 2014. You can hold me to that! We shall have never a dull moment, I assure you.
    And you shall be in such trouble with hubby that you shall be hearing your own *divorce lawyer* threats… lol


  27. Kimberly, my word is ‘understand’, you are so similar to me it’s spooky, I have a craving for excitement and adventure. I don’t do dull or mundane and I find it scary when I meet people who do! It has given me an exciting life, one that’s been successful but fairly chaotic!
    Despite any setbacks in my life, I’ve found an enormous amount of joy.

  28. My word is “ease”.

    In attempts to divert myself off a path of striving and shoulds, I have tried adopting several word-mantras in my life. “Concentrate”, “Joy”, “Patience”, “Breathe”, etc but I have found the most helpful word in my life path to be the word “ease”. In an instant [for me], this simple word opens the doorway to “patience”, “acceptance”, “inquiry”, “joy”, and most importantly, to “compassion”. May you have ease of mind; May you have ease of heart; May you have ease, no matter the situation.

  29. Kim, I love your honesty. Also, thank you for this opportunity to express ourselves. It has given me a reason to think about what I want for the new year. I do not believe in New Year Resolutions. I do believe in affirmations.
    When I am at work I see so many people who never seem to take a deep breath. They are all so tense and stressed. As I get them set up in traction I always ask the patients to take a deep breath to help them relax. I am saddened when so many fake it or act as though they don’t know how. Maybe they are afraid of how taking a deep breath will make them feel. Maybe it makes them feel vulnerable. Maybe they truly don’t know how or don’t remember how.
    It feels so good to take a slow deep breath. Sometimes I forget too. So, my word will be “BREATHE.” What a great thing to be reminded of.
    Thank you, Kim!

  30. My word is grateful – I have had a year of health issues with my guy and one of my best friends, nothing matters more than your health and when you see your loved ones going thru these hard times you are grateful for every single second you have with them and also for their love and friendship. Wishing you and your family a joy filled New Year! xxoo

  31. My word for 2012 was Brave, and it will be the same for 2013. It’s been a great motivator for me, pushing me, when fear and doubt tell me I can’t do something. It still doesn’t come naturally but the results are worth it, so I look forward to continuing to be Brave.

  32. I love your post, and believe many of your readers and I share much of the same ‘sentiments’! Thanks for sharing your most inner thoughts.

    It’s so difficult to choose one ‘word’ for 2013. It is a deep soul-searching process! ‘FAITH’ or ‘BELIEVE’ or ‘LOVE’ works for me!

  33. My word, with much thought, and so many the same as yours, Kimberly (we moved a lot too, and I know this is why I can’t settle my hearts desires), will be THIS MOMENT. Thats right! TWO WORDS that fit together so seamlessly. Live in THIS MOMENT! Embrace THIS MOMENT! Realize THIS MOMENT is all there really is at this moment. To be fully aware in THIS MOMENT!
    Thank you for sharing, Kimberly. I must admit, it was as though you were writing from my own heart.


  34. “NEW” this would be my word…..last January 10th my husband found out he had cancer….we have had a blessed year through it all and on May 1st he will be finished with a year of treatment and we will be rejoicing! We have learned a NEW NORMAL this year and hope that 2013 brings us a renewed start. We will never be quite the same, our lives will be NEW and massively grateful! I love all the other words like BRAVE and THANKFUL and LOVE……but I will be NEW! Great giveaway and an inspiring way to start the new year, I usually don’t enter a lot of these contests…..but I was touched by your words today!

  35. My word for 2013 is CREATE. After a rough few years under the weight of depression, I am ready to create the life I want to live and tap into my creative side. I love the idea of having something to keep my word close and remind me often of what I want for my life.

  36. I have a long list of words that I hope to come back to throughout the year, but I think my word for 2013 will be shine. Too often I hold myself back, or let myself get buried under a pile of worries or to-dos. And I think that if I remember to let myself shine, then everything else will follow.

  37. For this year it will be ENJOY. Lately, I have felt too busy to embrace and breathe in all the blessings of life. I wish to enjoy the simple, wondrous gifts each day holds no matter how hurried.

    I very much enjoyed this chance to take a moment and set an intention for the year. Thank you, Kimberly, for the inspiration.

  38. My word is “become”…there are so many changes I’d like to make (physically, emotionally, spiritually) to “become” who God truly created me to be.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  39. My OLW this year is SIMPLICITY. There’s just too many things in my life right now and I want to live more simply without all the excess. It’s just time.

  40. My word(s) are ‘Let go’ this year. No one would tell you I am a control freak or anything, but I tend to try to control life by holding on….for dear life sometimes. But now I need to Let go and trust the Universe.

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