a field trip to {the beach}

Today began with a to-do list that brought little excitement or enthusiasm. While #4 was at school in the morning I did a few tasks that couldn’t be put off, but about half an hour before he was to arrive home for lunch, something surprising happened. The sun came out. I don’t know if it was forecasted but as it was cold and wet when I walked the littles to the bus, I hadn’t anticipated time outside today. As the sun is something that brings me great joy, especially in the winter time here in Seattle I wasn’t going to waste it. As soon as #4 stepped off the bus I loaded him into the land cruiser and we were off to the beach! I packed our boots and a bag for collecting all of the treasures that we were sure to find, as well as a snack for the drive. He was so excited and surprised at the thought of exploring one of his favorite places which in turn made me so happy.

After we enjoyed the beach and our fingers were sufficiently numb we headed to one of our favorite cupcake shops in West Seattle. We enjoyed a sweet treat and something warm to drink. The sun was streaming in the windows of the car as we drove home, my little man fell asleep in his car seat in the back, and I know that he will remember this day at the beach for some time to come.

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9 Responses to a field trip to {the beach}

  1. I agree with Jeanne – you are an awesome mommy, and I love how you live in the moment with your boys. They will cherish these memories you are making forever! I haven’t figured out how to keep them from growing, so enjoy them now! :)

  2. joy shared between a mother and her son are the kind of feelings that last forever. I love these little opportunities that life affords us, I’m happy to see you do as well!

  3. What a prefect afternoon for you and #4!! How I would love an afternoon at the beach and then to top it off with a cupcake and a warm beverage = bliss. xo

  4. The beach and cupcakes? I want to come along next time. Oddly, I’ve never been a summer beach-goer, but in the winter I always tried to go often. I love the quiet, the expanse, the closeness to nature. And you are all the more awesome for taking an incredibly impromptu trip like this. That’s what makes life exciting.

  5. We live in WS! Which cupcake place did you visit? We ADORE Sugar Rush – Jodi makes the best buttercream frosting and fabulous German Chocolate cupcakes!

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